Taurazzo Stone Candle

$32.99 $23.99


  • A stunning piece of minimalist home decor, each Stone Candle Collection vessel is a one of a kind, handcrafted Jesmonite piece. Available in handmade, luxury jar with creamy white and gold metallic swirl finish

  • A clean burning coconut wax candle, with paraben- + pthalate-free fragrance oils, a crackling wood wick, and reusable, handcrafted vessel

  • Instead of repurposing the jar, refill it with the Candle Refills and use your candle jar over and over again!

  • Made in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON


  • Pear Nectar - pear, vanilla, peach blossoms, musk

  • Bergamot Breeze - bergamot, neroli, ambergris

  • Sweet Whiskey Nights - orange marmalade, honey, bourbon, clove brown sugar, tobacco

  • Orange Grove Bonfire - smoky, woody accords, vanilla, orange blossom, neroli