//  Services  //

Founded in 2015, Forever Wildfield is a multi-purposed, creative studio space in Guelph, ON owned and operated by Alexandra Highet.

While offering a variety of services and products, we specialize in romantic, garden-inspired flower arrangements for weddings. Having people gathered together to share in love, celebration, laughter, and some happy tears is amongst one of our favourite things. Beautiful flowers just make the occasion a million times more special and memorable. 

In 2020, alongside our focus to continue to design for weddings, Alexandra launched Wildfield Shoppe. While not a traditional brick and mortar retail store, all of the collections are available to browse and purchase online. With new items arriving every week, we are excited to see where this new chapter of Forever Wildfield will grow. Our online shop features fresh flowers and houseplants and a curated collection of stylish home goods.

"I wanted to expand the love I have for design, nature, and hospitality to the home by offering collections that could be enjoyed beyond the events we produce. Despite the challenges facing small business today, I am so excited to share this expansion of Forever Wildfield products and services with all of you. More than ever, thoughtful decorating and gift giving are exceptional ways to make someone feel at home and cared for. Thank you for the love and support!"  - Alexandra Highet

//  Design Philosophy  //

We believe that flowers should be designed in a natural, garden-inspired way, letting each individual stem tell us where it should be placed within the arrangement. Our designs will always have a romantic, whimsical way to them, while never being overtly tight or too wild. We love working with colour, but will also never shy away from a good all-white or blush wedding design. Whenever possible, our floral designs feature locally grown flowers and foliage with high consideration of our mechanics and packaging being as eco-friendly as possible.

Our home goods collection will always be made up of a relatively neutral colour palette, with timeless style. Every item is hand picked for our collections, with large consideration if it would be something we would put in our own home or use. Local, handmade, fair trade, timeless style, and sustainability are the key values we consider when selecting an item to stock, but ultimately, we value making your house feel like a home with unique touches that have a bit of story behind them.

//  About Alexandra  //

Alexandra lives in Guelph with her husband, James, and daughter, Charlotte. They have a bunch of furry friends (1 dog, 2 cats) and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.