Petals & Pixels: Mastering Digital Marketing for Florists


Thursday, May 23, 2024

Are you a budding florist seeking to blossom in the digital age? Prepare to embark on a journey that will elevate your floral creations from merely beautiful to irresistibly captivating! Introducing our exclusive floral workshop - Petals & Pixels - a groundbreaking, masterclass meticulously designed to equip florists like you with the tools and techniques to thrive in the realm of digital marketing.

Join Alex for this exciting portfolio-building workshop at the stunning property of Cruickston Park in Cambridge, Ontario. We will be hosting our indoor / outdoor workshop in The Stables, with so many beautiful details to enjoy and learn!

In this one-of-a-kind workshop, you'll delve into the art of not only arranging a compote floral arrangement, but capturing all of the beauty through your own lens. You'll unlock the secrets to curating a portfolio and crafting social media content that not only mesmerizes but also magnetizes your ideal clientele.

What can you expect to gain from this transformative experience?

  • The Art of Designing Garden-Style Arrangement: Learn design mechanics, floral sourcing, colour theory, and recipe creation of our signature compote floral arrangements
  • Phone Photography Techniques: Learn how to wield your phone camera like a true artist, capturing the essence and beauty of your floral creations in stunning detail
  • Content Curation Wizardry: Discover the art of storytelling through your floral arrangements, as you uncover strategies for creating cohesive, visually stunning content that resonates with your audience
  • Social Media Savvy: Navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media with confidence, as you uncover insider tips for maximizing engagement, attracting your dream clients, and cultivating a loyal following
  • Business Boosting Insights: Unlock the potential of your floral business as you gain invaluable insights into leveraging your online presence to drive growth, expand your reach, and elevate your brand

Whether you're a seasoned florist looking to revitalize your online presence or a budding entrepreneur seeking to make a splash in the digital marketplace, this workshop is your passport to success.

Don't miss your chance to bloom into a digital sensation! Secure your spot today and join us on a journey where floral artistry meets digital mastery. Let your creativity flourish, both in your arrangements and in your online presence. Your dream clients are waiting – are you ready to captivate them?

Book now and let's transform your floral passion into online prosperity!

This workshop is geared towards those wanting to learn our aesthetic, further their floral arranging skills, learn how to price for profit, understand how to use powerful marketing tools, like Instagram, to attract their ideal clients, beautiful new content to their portfolio and social media accounts, or just starting out in the industry. No previous experience necessary.

This small group workshop is multifaceted to highlight three key areas that are essential to building a successful floral business - Design Mechanics + Pricing + Marketing. The We will be designing a Floral Compote Arrangement together, featuring seasonal flowers and foliage, where you will learn about floral design mechanics, recipe creation, pricing for profit, and floral sourcing. Emphasis throughout out the whole workshop will focus on how to capture and create content that will build your portfolio, attract your ideal clients

 recipe creation, floral sourcing, installation mechanics, and everything you need to know about how to make seasonally-inspired floral arrangements

This one day, 6 hour workshop, is a wonderful learning experience, in a welcoming atmosphere, where you can build connection with like-minded flower enthusiasts and designers. This format of small group workshop is capped at 10 attendees to provide as much individual attention as possible to each designer during the workshop.

Your investment includes -

  • all flowers and foliage to create your own garden-style table arrangement

  • mechanics and tools

  • light lunch, snacks, and refreshments

  • studio time to capture photos and videos of our group creations

  • our floral installations guide download

  • ask any questions you may have about floral design and industry

You will be given time to take photos and video in our beautifully styled studio and during the class that you may use to share on your website and social media accounts to highlight your latest portfolio creation. We ask that you tag @foreverwildfield and #foreverwildfieldworkshop

Stay tuned! New workshop dates are added throughout the year to reflect the seasonality of the flowers and foliage that we will design with